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KIVAT x Ninyes

Recycle a new life for your KIVAT products!
Recycle a new life for your less-used KIVAT products!

To us, responsibility means the transparency of our own production chain and long lasting products that can be passed down from child-to-child. We bear full responsibility for our products. That is why we also want to help when it’s time to find new owners for your less-used KIVAT products.

Now you can send us back your used KIVAT products, and we will handle everything for you. We will refund you with a gift card to our online store.

For each product fit for selling, we will refund you with 50% or 70% of its estimated sale price. You do not need to worry about selling the clothes yourself or to wait for the products to be sold – you will receive the ready-to-use gift card almost instantly. Easy and fast!

Our recycling partner is the Finnish company Ninyes, which is the first and only European store that exclusively sells responsibly manufactured second-hand clothes. At Ninyes, you can also find the best second-hand KIVAT products.


We manufacture all KIVAT products using high-quality natural materials to make the products endure being used for hundreds of times. As their users grow, there comes a time when they need a new user.

We want to offer you a recycling opportunity that is not only as easy, safe, and fast as possible but also economically profitable.

The longer we can extend the useful life of a product, the smaller its overall environmental impact will be. Recycling enables us to diminish the carbon footprint of KIVAT products.



All KIVAT clothes and accessories. The products should be undamaged, clean, presentable, and fit for resale. The estimated sale price should be EUR 10 at the minimum. A good rule of thumb is that the price of the new product when it was first bought was at least EUR 25.


Dirty, stained, or damaged clothes and accessories; products that have turned grey, faded or discolored; copy products; or products that have been worn out. There should not be any animal hair on the products. Samples or factory seconds with the label cut in half.


1. Fill out and send KIVAT x Ninyes form.
KIVAT x Ninyes program is currently only available in Finland.

2. Send the clothes to Ninyes or bring them to Ninyes' return points. Mark the package with your name, phone number and email address.

The return codes for Matkahuolto and Posti are only valid in Finland.

Matkahuolto return code: 9545051
Posti return code: 671577

Ship-to address:
Ninyes Oy, Veneentekijäntie 18 B, 00210 Helsinki.

3. When your return has been received and processed, you will receive an email about the refund value of the clothes. After confirming that you accept the refund value, you will receive the gift card to your email.

For each garment fit for selling, we will refund you with 50% or 70% of its estimated sale price as a gift card to our online store. You will receive the gift card about two weeks after sending the products. The gift card is valid for three months from the date of its issue.

4. You can find the best second-hand KIVAT products here:

Additional information, detailed instructions, and terms and conditions:

Thanks for recycling!

P.S. Follow us and Ninyes on social media to see ongoing recycling campaigns.