Always ready to play!

All kinds of children's nature and outdoor activities are a matter of heart at KIVAT. Every detail is carefully thought through so that playing can be carefree for the small user. We however, are not care free in our process. We take 100% responsibility for our products as we make them ourselves at our own factory in Tampere, Finland. For us, responsibility means transparency in our production chain to create long lasting products that can be passed down from child-to-child.


The founder of the company, Jukka Puskala could not find cotton gloves for his allergic little boy, despite his strenuous search. Jukka's wife, Auli, hand-knit small gloves for the child, but Jukka insisted that there should be an easier solution. Synthetic fibre gloves were out of the question, so the only solution was to start manufacturing cotton gloves themselves. That is how Agtuvi, the family-run company founded in 1975 that produces popular KIVAT products, was born. The warm feedback and the reputation of high quality KIVAT products throughout Finland encouraged Jukka Puskala to continue.

Over the years, the KIVAT product family has expanded to include woollen overalls, beanies and balaclavas. We still receive the most feedback on the fact that our products last from child to child and fit well. Finnish production always attracts customers and we take pride in it.

Today, the second generation - Janne, Katri and Krista - have taken responsibility for the company's operational activities, but Jukka and Auli still play an important role in the company.

In the picture: Jukka is going to transport the half-finished products to our partners for seaming.

We want to act as a messenger of for high quality, reliable textile production worldwide, providing the consumers and the stakeholders with knowledge on how long lasting products are created in Finland. Our products are made from scratch at our own factory in Lahdesjärvi, Tampere. We source our raw materials (the yarns) from long-term suppliers in Europe. High quality, natural materials are the basis of our products.

In addition to making quality products, we want to set an example of responsible company, one where everyone can be proud of their work. Each product goes through more than ten pairs of hands at different stages of manufacturing. Our products are always designed with the child first, and every detail is carefully thought through with the little user in mind. The phrase "Always ready to play" guides everything we do.

In picture from left to right:
Krista, Jukka, Auli, Janne and Katri.